Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The origins of Captain Raccoon

Since i am not using this blog for anything (useful), i might as well tell of the origins of my alter ego: Captain Raccoon.
When people here of the name Captain Raccoon, i am often met with looks of confusion at the name. I expected this when i first thought it up. i mean seriously, who could not greet Captain Raccoon with a look of surprise, it is kinda random.
But i guess thats just me, a kinda random person. I decided i wanted a name/nickname for use when gaming online and i had no idea what to use or create. I had heard the suggestion of using Captain as part of the name and i was indifferent towards it, it just didn't appeal to me or repulse me at the time. Fortunately for me, i saw something, may have been on tv or in a game which mentioned raccoons and i thought about how funny the little animals were. Their behaviour and look fitted so well (the stereotypical burglar with stripes and black mask around eyes) that i thought they were simply a cool. It was then that i decided to use raccoon as my name, i unfortunately discovered that some jackass had used it.
This was a blessing in disguise because a stroke of genius (possibly genius only to me, silly/strange to everyone else) came over me, captain and raccoon = Captain Raccoon = Hazaa!
So that was it, Captain Raccoon was conceived. this is the first blog about Captain Raccoon, if i am not too lazy, more shall follow.

Tuesday, 26 February 2008

story of the spring

shortly after posting the first blog of sheer randomness (with help) there was a spring.
it is unknown where this spring came from, who it belonged to or why it was left, it was just there.
i thought about keeping the spring, i believed it would fit in with the random stuff of everything,
alas the spring had other ideas because, as quickly as it was given to me, it was taken away.
doomed to lie on the floor until someone can be arsed granting it salvation by picking it up.

this is my way of introducing whoever you are, likely nobody, to my blog: Welcome to the randomness of everything. (@_@)


^_^ @_@ :) =] (*-*) :O shurrup you slag
you win
*victory dance/ ff victory theme*
I gained 1000000000000000000000000! exp
Amy leveled up
Dylan: continue? yes
shoots in head
*summons army of ninjas*
*withdraws ebony and ivory* *shoots all ninjas*
*dances around corpse* *uses pheonix down out of pity*
*refuses pity* *uses G-virus* *turns into giant dog-like-mutant-thing from resi 2*
*wets self*
*leaps around*
*uses leon* *kills G-virus*
*transforms into the bigger mutant* muahaha
*uses clair*
*cuts to video sequence of mutant dying* *stays dead*