Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The origins of Captain Raccoon

Since i am not using this blog for anything (useful), i might as well tell of the origins of my alter ego: Captain Raccoon.
When people here of the name Captain Raccoon, i am often met with looks of confusion at the name. I expected this when i first thought it up. i mean seriously, who could not greet Captain Raccoon with a look of surprise, it is kinda random.
But i guess thats just me, a kinda random person. I decided i wanted a name/nickname for use when gaming online and i had no idea what to use or create. I had heard the suggestion of using Captain as part of the name and i was indifferent towards it, it just didn't appeal to me or repulse me at the time. Fortunately for me, i saw something, may have been on tv or in a game which mentioned raccoons and i thought about how funny the little animals were. Their behaviour and look fitted so well (the stereotypical burglar with stripes and black mask around eyes) that i thought they were simply a cool. It was then that i decided to use raccoon as my name, i unfortunately discovered that some jackass had used it.
This was a blessing in disguise because a stroke of genius (possibly genius only to me, silly/strange to everyone else) came over me, captain and raccoon = Captain Raccoon = Hazaa!
So that was it, Captain Raccoon was conceived. this is the first blog about Captain Raccoon, if i am not too lazy, more shall follow.


Come At Me Bro said...

This is sweet!

Hagar said...

Captain Raccoon for the win.

Coolwhip said...

Racoons everuwhere